Modern Merrigold 2022- Semi Precious Hexagons


Nestled in the heart of the piney woods, Modern Merrigold brings unique designs to life to tens of thousands of their customers across the U.S. and Canada.  Their team designs + creates all of their jewelry in their Longview, Texas studio.  More commonly known for their personalized jewelry, owner Mary, decided to start a ready to wear collection using her favorite natural stones. 

Amazonite: known as the hope stone, wear this piece to overcome setbacks, clear away your fears & doubts, and manifest positivity, optimism, & hope in your everyday life.

Rose quartz: known as the love stone, wear this piece to open your heart to love, compassion, & kindness to yourself & others.

The team at Millun Studio recently helped Mary, with some customized semi-precious hexagon components, inspired by Modern Merrigold’s geometic logo. With Mary's input and inspiration, our designers formulated a collection of earrings, rings, bracelet and necklace components. Quality and consistency was top of mind so these pieces would be able to layer naturally into Modern Merrigold's existing assortment.

Check out Mary's Hexagon collection along with the rest of her beautiful personalized jewelry at