Welcome to Millun Studio


Millun (pronounced like “million”) means "union" in Hindu. 

Los Angeles-based founder, Emily Lung Miller, chose the name for her full-service design and production agency as she believes in the union of long-lasting partnerships that become friendships and the simple mantra - “collaboration over competition”.

Millun Studio empowers creative thinkers by providing expert, tailored solutions and
manufacturing services to realize their vision on budget, on time. Led by Emily, a small,
specialized team creates custom products utilizing their decades of experience and
knowledge from working at and with luxury leaders such as Swarovski, Vera Wang,
BCBG, and Global Brands Group (GBG), a division of Li & Fung, to name a few. Their
collective industry expertise in design, product development, sample-making,
merchandising, production, regulatory compliance and supply chain management
provide their clients peace of mind and confidence to accelerate and grow. While there
are so many choices that can feel overwhelming these days, Millun Studio serves as a
single point of contact to manage your product from concept to delivery via their global
network of accredited suppliers.

Clients range from fashion startups to established retailers to corporate marketing teams
seeking bespoke design services and product solutions across multiple categories
including jewelry, handbags, soft accessories, home goods and beyond. Emily and her
team collaborate, educate, and build strong partnerships and products made to last.