OffLimits- 2020


Meet another fabulous Emily (Elyse) Miller, Founder and CEO of OffLimits the coolest cereal brand on the block.  Emily and I worked together in the summer of 2020 on unique gifts and accessories for Off Limit's Online Toy Store. With mascots designed by legendary street artist, Shepard Faire, Off Limits thinks way outside the box. Emily and her partner, Michelle, are the amazing brains behind these unique cereal flavors-- Coffee Infused Cocoa, Strawberries and Cream, Peanut Butter Cinnamon and Vanilla Pandam. 

Millun Studio developed custom socks and shoelaces to level up your sneaker game. We even collaborated with London based accessory designer, TOMME, to create limited edition Mini-Basketball handbags.

This is a cereal so on point that you want everyone to see what is in your grocery bag.  Millun Studio produced Clear totes with OffLimits logo jacquard handles that fit perfectly over your shoulder.  It’s also waterproof in case you spill your milk.  Splurp! Slurp!

Be sure to check out their cereals and toy store at